Monday, October 5, 2009


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  1. Are you working with Charcoal?
    I see some smudging, spray fix that beast!

    I love screaming portraits.

    To take this to the next level,
    I would suggest looking in a book at the anatomy of a humans face.
    Study the muscles and look at the way they move.
    You can start to imagine how each muscle will shape the face in an incident of a scream.

    then it is your choice to exaggerate these features, or not.

    Also you can start to tear off flesh and make him look like a rotting zombie corpse!
    that is if you would like to do that.

    The solid black area becomes a little confusing for me.

    The eyes and cheeks are very strong in this piece.
    You did a nice job with that.

    write back your comments
    I'd love to hear if you are going to take this further.
    any color?